Ethical Hacking Trends and Growth – Review

Ethical Hacking Trends & Opportunities with

Hacking! You must have heard this word in your day to day conversation with friends while reading newspapers; the accounts being hacked by them resulting in monetary loss or at least your university’s website being hacked resulting in unfair passing of the examination, if you must have been a student in some point in time.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this word is no more a technical word only as more and more people falling prey to online frauds, impersonation of social accounts to the extent that the general people have only bad connotation associated with it that they steal your account details and left you clueless where the money has gone but this is not the case always as we have some good ones called white hat as well like there are 1674 verified of them available on Review.

How They Can Be Differentiated?

Computer experts are often hired by various companies to hack into their system to find vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed and the person hired to hack into a system is called white hat and the process is called ethical hacking where as the other one having malicious intent is unethical in nature and called black hat.

Some of the Current Trends are as Follows:

Cloud Computing

As more and more organizations are going cloud so is the focus of it shifting to various attacks to cloud computing platforms. The demand has increased for methodologies and technologies such as pen testing and Cloud Passage Halo as well.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Mobiles Platforms

Most applications and systems are accessible across multiple browsers and mobile platforms. As a result, mobile platforms and devices such as tablets are more vulnerable and hence the inclusion of modules on mobile technologies and countermeasures to secure mobile infrastructure in the CEH course. You can hire Facebook, Whatsapp hacker with having absolute privacy on Review and on some other websites.

Career Growth and Opportunities

The demand for them is growing day by day as the privacy of the data is gaining importance day by day.The CEH exam is a multiple-choice test format that includes 125 questions having a total duration of 4 hours. A CEH can earn on an average remuneration of $15000 to $ 45,000 per assignment. There is a prerequisite of having at least two years of IT experience with a strong working experience of TCP/IP, windows server and a basic familiarity with Linux and Unix for taking the CEH exam. It cost US$500 for the actual test and $100 as a non-refundable fee for registration in the United States.

Ethical Hacking Career
Ethical Hacking Career

Conclusion: It is becoming day by day more popular as there is an ever increase in the data breach of different companies. The companies are hiring professionals to find the loopholes in their systems so that to fix it later and hence they are in demand. One can start from enrolling himself in the CEH course. There are most advanced methodologies and some of the trends are an emphasis on cloud computing and countermeasures to secure mobile infrastructure. You can hire them on Review.